Not quite ready ready to run, but want to be part of the fun... without getting quite as much mud in your shorts? Then come on down & give us a hand!


Dirt Crew registration will open about a month before the event. Click on the flames to get notified when reg opens! 

Event Volunteers Receive:

  • Cool Volunteer Shirt
  • Invite to post race food and fun
  • $30 Coupon for ANY future RF Events' race (must be present for at least a 4 hour shift to qualify for the coupon)
  • Invitation to our Annual Dash and Burn Soiree
  • A Great Big Thank You!

Dash and Burn Soiree

Includes:A 5-Mile run or 1-mile hike to the secret location of the dinner party and bonfire. You must be invited to the Soiree, and the only way to get an invitation is by volunteering at a RF Events' race. All volunteers will receive an invitation, and are asked to RSVP.

  • When: Summer 2018
  • Where: It's a secret! (more details to come)
  • Cost: FREE to all event volunteers - you can't buy your way into this one!
  • Course: We know that not all of our volunteers are runners, so there are two courses. One course is a 5-mile-ish run, and the other is a 1-mile-ish hike. If you are a non-walker/runner, let us know- We'll get you there!